The Evolution of Trend Forecasting


How can fashion brands plan ahead, predict consumer trends and stay relevant


The events of the last year shook the industry and changed life as we knew it. Before 2020, it was inconceivable to think that so much could change so dramatically within such a short space of time. But even before the pandemic, the nature of trend forecasting was evolving, and the way trends came to be, developed, and landed was changing. 

As we continue to live in a state of flux, and as trends continue to accelerate and consumer priorities shift, the trend forecasting process must develop in order to become more agile, and more bespoke.

The consumer has never been more powerful or able to shape the fortunes of brands and retailers with the decisions they make. So how, in this unpredictable environment, can we predict what the consumer will want, and what the future will look like?

In our latest webinar, we unpacked the evolution of trend forecasting, and focused on the significance of understanding the bigger picture - how macro factors affect consumer behaviour and decision making.

Justin Duffy
Senior Menswear Project Manager


Gwyneth Holland
Futurist and Consumer insights


Terrie Isaac
Senior Trend & Womenswear Project Manager